Legacy Circle Members List

These individuals have committed to include The Hunger Project in their estate plan — through trusts, bequests, or making The Hunger Project a beneficiary of their insurance or retirement plan — and are willing to be listed here in order to inspire others to do the same.

Edye Allen
Harvey Austin
Scott Bahr and Suja Thomas
Robert Balderson
Supriya Banavalikar*
Irma Barnum*
Gary Baxel
Aleen Bayard
Sonya and Adam* Berg
Rebecca Bianchi
Joanna and Christoph Bichsel
Dennis Bishop and Felicity McRobb
Jacqui Bishop
Susan Bixler
Phyllis* and Sam Bowen
Stephen Brewer
Ross Brown
Cheryl Buck
Joanne Burger
Andee Burrell
Laura and Chuck Burt
Tom Cain
John Canessa
Philip Cisneros
Margaret Cohen*
Peter J. Cohn*
Lexie Cole
Wayne Coleman
William Conner*
Carol and John Coonrod
Martha L. Corley
Bob Dabic
Julia Dederer
Brandi DeLeon
Edmond S. Delmon*
Jerry Donahoe
Jane Downes
Phyllis Dubrow
Prudence Ducich
Denise Edmond
Avi Edwards
Paul and Pan Eimon*
The Rev. Eileen L. Epperson
Gail Ervin
Michael J. Falkowski, Jr.*
Åsa Skogström Feldt
Walt Ferris
Jo Fielder
Mark Flashen
Andrew Fort
Richard Frees
Thomas J. Gearing
Hertha Hannah Gerlitz*
Jim Goodman
Shirley Goodman
Yasmin Goodman
Marilyn Graman
Lonnie Green
Nancy* and Phil Groben
Karen Herman
Karl and Betty Hess
Joan Holmes
Erich Holtmann*
Paul Hrabal
Jennifer J. Hunter
Scott Hunter
Richard Hysong
David and Tracie Jansen
Karen Johns (New Zealand)
Hilary Johnston and Les Shiell (Canada)
Grace Jones
Kitty Juda
Nancy Juda
Billy Kantrowitz
Deborah Kaplan
Helen Kessler
Fran Kieffer
Kima Kraimer
Connie Kratz
Vicki Lachman
Mary Layman and Martin Rubin
Gretchen Leavitt
Tom Lemons
Peggy Link
Brigid and Clark Lund
Constance Trapp MacCrate*
William A. and Jeanne R. Mallet*
Chris Martin
Mary Ellen McNish and David Miller*
Marty Merrill*
Benjamin Moore
Page Morahan
Anthony F. Mullen, Jr.
Kathie Murtey
Marvin Nadel*
Catherine Nevo
Marion Nisbet*
CP Irrevocable Trust
RP Family Irrevocable Trust
Lisa North and Paul Yamamoto
Madelyn Page
Barbara Parton
Jack and Jill Pasanen
S. Neil Peck and Barbara Rose*
Joy Perreras and Brian McFadin
Jeana Petersen
Gloria Phillips
Doug Plette
Spencer Quinn
Jenna Recuber
Angela Rizzo*
Christine Roess
J. Ronald Roth*
Joanna and Julian Ryder
Carla Sadoff
Barry Saiff
Gretchen Sand and Bruce Preville
Elizabeth Sanderson
Peter Saphier*
Emil Sauer
Jack Sawyer
Colene and Fred Schlaepfer
Trisha D. Scudder
Patti Searle*
Brenda and Steve Sherwood
Margaret Jane Simoneaux
Jane Sisco*
Greg Skyles
Diana and Lyle Smith
June Smith*
Ellen Snortland
Kay and Harvey Solomon*
Leonard A. and Roslyn Solomon*
Arne and Olina Springorum (Czech Republic)
Joyce Steir*
Michael Steuerman*
Wayne E. and Dorothy L. Stingley Family Trust
The Jerry Stock Trust, under will of Robert Moyer*
Deb Strange
Faith Strong* and Family
Revae Stuart
Rick Susman (Australia)
Karen Sweetland*
Rhea M. Tabak*
Kyle Tevlin
Annette and John Thompson
Carol Tisson and Mike Ginn
Ellen Tolliver
Dan Tompkins
Judy Townsend Stallone
Priscilla Tupper
Harold Walcoff*
Robert W. R. Walker
Tamera and Dennis Warner
Sunya Webber*
Gary A. Weber*
Frances Gillespie Wentorf*
We Thrive Fund
Trinda Weymouth*
Barbara and Jim Whitton
June Witte*
Scott Wolf
Nick Wolfson
Daniela Zvonarova


If you would like to be included in this list, please email jim.goodman@thp.org!

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